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Aerobatic Training

Aerobatics 1Aerobatic Training
The Tiger Club encourages all pilots who are checked out on the club's CAP10 to take advantage of the aerobatic instruction that is available. Although the Club can train people up to competition level, some pilots may only wish to learn the basic manoeuvres to improve their general handling and confidence in coping with unusual attitudes. For this reason the Club has several different levels of aerobatic checks to suit every pilot’s needs.

Basic Aerobatic Check
This involves brushing up on stalling, spinning, steep turns and slow flight, followed up by learning a loop, aileron roll and stall turn. Then you will be taught to safely recover from any unusual attitude you may encounter if these manoeuvres do not go quite as planned. You will then be qualified to practice solo above 3000ft.

Aerobatic Check "A"
Once you have completed all the standard level manoeuvres (loop, slow roll, stall turn, spin, half cuban, half reverse cuban, cuban eight; basic lines and angles, steep turns, roll-off-the-top, hesitation roll, half roll and pull through) a further check with a check pilot enables you to practice these on your own, down to 2000ft.

Aerobatic Check "B"
Once you can fly 5 manoeuvres in a sequence along an axis you can pass Check "B" You will then have met the standard required to enter British Aerobatic Association competitions at Beginners Level. The next level of competition is the Standard Level which consists of a sequence of about ten manoeuvres in an aerobatic box. If you are interested, please contact Glyn Richards at the Tiger Club or any of the aerobatic check pilots for more details.

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